Hippie girl you are smart strong successful poster and canvas


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Really want glitter unreleased tracks. That’s so nice. Keep up spoiling us. #MC30 rules. Love, Aom & Mark from Holland. The kids don’t even know about I Still Believe/Pure Imagination!. Xin Pu Sen. Stève Puig. Love them!! Endless love is my favorite at this moment.. Love these performances . Brion Ribon Jopas Hippie girl you are smart strong successful poster and canvas The Diva of many music eras…. Such a Diamond Diva… It seems like yesterday, when a beautiful 20-year-old girl wanted to sweep the world with her voice, no one imagined that in the history of music the legacy of a music legend begins, a before and after Mariah Carey. now we look back after 30 years, an… See More. Your the g.o.a.t Mariah of all times legendary I mean no other like you I grew up listening to you, Janet and Whitney and still do listen to y’all. Irakli Ninua. Otlaetnom Augustine. Oh my god! The gift that keeps on giving!

Hippie girl you are smart strong successful poster and canvas

Hippie girl you are smart strong successful poster and canvas 1

Luther vandross one of my always favourite artist. His voice was so unique can’t be compared may he rest in eternal peace . Luther Vandross is possibly my favourite singer ever and would have been in my top 5 people to meet of all time.. Sandra Schulz-ortmann Hippie girl you are smart strong successful poster and canvas oh yes . love listen to this song. timelessly beautiful perfect couple – perfect match – perfect voices.. Dana Toliver. Don’t forget about the S on Top The Pops . Amie Hampton. Amazing version of this song! Still gives me goosebumps every time. This is the best duet Luther ever did. My favorite with the one he recorded with Martha Wash. Farrah Esmail My highlight of 2019 was walking into the Royal Albert Hall in London hearing you soundcheck to this Up until this point it had been rumoured you might sing this I didn’t think my heart could contain the excitement . I had a front row seat at the Royal Albert Hall when Luther was recording his video of his album songs. Mariah came on and sang it with him and to this day it gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it. It was a moment in life I will never forget

Hippie girl you are smart strong successful poster and canvas

Hippie girl you are smart strong successful poster and canvas 3

Will you be carried in to vote?. I voted – for Biden/Harris – as for you young lady you have my vote too #AmericanDoll. Wow a “celebrity” is telling me to vote??? Oh well then gosh I guess should vote because I never would have decided to do that myself without being ordered to by some mansion dwelling, privileged ‘celebrity’.. I most definitely have made my voice heard mc aka i voted. Jian Carlo Santos. I luv your mask, where did you get it?????. Ariel P. Lloren. I’m from the Phils. and hope that Biden-Harris win to save America and make it great again. We are watching from the outside because of its impact to the world as America is leading.. You are still the hottest and creative woman ever to me.., you’re my number one artist and I just might become yours soon enough.., haven’t heard about yet..,. Stay out of politics we don’t care!! We only care about your music nothing else!

Hippie girl you are smart strong successful poster and canvas 2

Well said beautiful queen..Voting is exercising your right to get a leader of your choice! Incase your choice doesn’t materialise,it is just fine and let life continue…you can’t achieve everything that you long for! Be patriotic,practise democracy,be positive minded..!. I’ve always loved that butterfly ring!!!! . I absolutely love you mariah I am all the way a fan of you I have been reading your memoir and I’m loving it your the best mariah your book is making me love you even more then I already do your a living legend you should have a butterfly mask since y… See More. Thank you for speaking out especially during these bleak times! We will make it through the rain!. Those gorgeous eyes though! Beautiful and kind! Thank you for voting Biden/Harris and voting kindness back in our country, Mariah and team!. I live in the Netherlands but I wish u guys good luck with voting!!

Love your hair skin radiance and beauty. Keep glowing. Rashmi Safo. Dean Garnet Hann. You look especially stunning in this pic MC! . My idol. I love you Mariah. I studied vocals because of you.. Mariah you have an angelic voice and i love all your songs very much. Franky Jagrosse. Remember…combine masks with social distancing from those not in your household for best protection…..because I care about ya!!!. Mariah you are a beautiful woman and I love your music my favorite songs are 1 whenever you need a friend 2 I don’t Wanna Cry 3 Love Takes Time and best wishes to you and your family. Melissa Capasso. I’m still over here shook when you performed love takes time in 2015 and said I was so damn blind lol. Kevin Anglin. What a fantabulous VotingSquad there, Dahhhling Mariah
I’m here in Finland so cannot vote for your future president but I do hope every US citizen with the right to vote will do so.

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