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Mickey disney character harry potter shirt
Mickey disney character harry potter shirt


If Harris and Biden are as good as the Obamas our country is in for a real treat I believe the country will be divided at first as it is right now but I also believe the Biden Harris ticket will put this country together again God bless America again. I cannot believe some are saying she smiles too much! I thought women were supposed to smile all the time! God! We can’t win. Oh wait, though; WE CAN WIN. Go, Kamala! Smirking all the way to the White House!. She is FIERCE. She handled it masterfully. She will be a fabulous VP.. Standing up for your self was not being rude or disrespectful. The rules laid out were not to interrupt your opponent which the vp totally disregarded.. She walked that fine line she should never have been asked to walk with grace, fortitude and intelligence.. Keep it coming Pete! I was all for you in the primaries and now I can see you’re sticking around for the long haul. You’re an invaluable asset to the Biden Harris campaign and we all hope to get another chance to vote for you in a future presidential e… Mickey disney character harry potter shirt

Mickey disney character harry potter shirt

Mickey disney character harry potter shirt- pic 1

she kept it in check. Utilizing it as needed. Now, lets discuss what she said.. A look most female teachers and/or mothers have justifiably delivered to a child(ren) at one time or another.. I wouldn’t call it a smirk. Just a I can’t believe you said that” look.. Pete you’ve been on fire lately! Someday I’ll be proud to vote for you for president!. If anything should happen to President Biden . She’s going to be great! I see she and Biden being more of a team than the VP in background.. Me too! I voted BLUE today in Mishawaka, Indiana!. Seriously she was extremely poised and respectful with all of Pence’s interruptions! She did amazing. Should have been you at the least VP but leading the ticket would have been preferred. The Democratic Party has this country needs you Mayor Pete. I considered her smile more of a patient “Mom” smile.”ok, get over your tantrum and let’s move on” I’ve seen many a “smirk” on Trump’s face…ALL the time Mickey disney character harry potter shirt

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Pete knows how to lift others! Thank you!. If he wasnt so ridiculous she coulda kept a straight face. She was way more reserved than the tv audience.. It was an uncomfortable smirk, and did not do her credibility justiceshe needs some better media training, and less histrionics.. Women of all races know that smirk. It’s reserved for men like Pence.. I loved everything and every WAY that Kamala spoke! She shared the facts to our country. It is sad that so many white people (I’m white!) seem to interpret her expressions and comments as arrogant, smirky and lying! I thought she was very respectful … . And what do u call those touret like expressions trump has made this whole presidency? I can’t even call it a presidency . And any remarks on pence not shutting his trap when his time is up? Nothing is mentioned about that ! Sexist, misogynistic , raci… See More

In a few weeks, Im playing your audiobook of Trust on my road trip! Can’t wait for hours and hours of soothing Pete voice telling me everything’s going to be alright. Just received my signed copy in the mail today from Brain Lair Books
Going to buy the audiobook too, so my hubby and I can enjoy this together like we did for Shortest Way Home . I’m reading it now, Pete, and you’ve got some great personal anecdotes about how trusting is a risk worth taking (and necessary to take), as well as great antidotes to fear for our safety as a country. Pete, please stay in politics!. My 25th wedding anniversary and my hubby got me your book! Surprised me with it today!!!!!! He knows me well!. I began reading Trust last night. It is awesome in its raw honesty. The most striking point in the first two chapters is Buttigieg’s crystal clear explanation of white privilege and how it discourages trust.

Really great book so far. Thank you for writing this invaluable piece. I hope to finish it sometime next week. Keep up the great work. We are all counting on you Mayor Pete.. I just started reading it today. it is definitely his voice. What a gift in such a short time.. Just read it! Loved how each section was laid out a fascinating read!. I received my copy yesterday and am looking forward to reading it. Thank you for all you are doing for us.. Prime deliver for this! Looking forward to it.. I ordered your book on Amazon today, and it should be here in the next day or two. I can’t wait to read it! . two of my favorite books of 2020 in that picture!. Just ordered your book and cannot wait to read it! Im praying that you’re on the Biden/Harris Administration Team. Also , responding to your other post… regarding, Where is Trump’s negative test response? That’s a good question….Where is it?


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