Monster Energy face mask


At the moment, a 473ml can of Monster Energy is sold in our country for about VND 50,000. It is not cheap considering the common types of soft drinks in Vietnam, but many gamers have been crazy about this drink and are willing to spend several hundred thousand even millions of dong to buy. Monster box will be used gradually.

Monster Energy face mask
Monster Energy face mask

A gamer said: “Compared to energy drinks in Vietnam, this is much stronger. Those who do not drink coffee, they will certainly drink this or get drunk because of the chemicals in the drink. This is much stronger than Red Bull Vietnam. It is recommended to drink when full, and do not drink as much as when drinking Red Sting with Coca, because this dish is finished when the eyes are always opened and can not sleep. ” One reason why this drink has a huge appeal is thanks to The International 5, the ongoing DOTA 2 championship tournament. All DOTA 2 matches taking place in the United States are held at night in Vietnam time. Therefore, Vietnamese gamers also need items to help them stay awake to follow the progress of the players they idolize.

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