NFL Indianapolis Colts Team Ticket Runner Doormat



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Carrie WoodsonIt is incredible that I grew up there and didnt learn about this in Oklahoma history. Learned about it as an adult in National Geographic. Horrible history. Racism is still very strong there.49 . Susan Ruh RappOne of the most tragic massacres in our history that is not included in history books, thus not generally known ( along with many other atrocities) ! 45 . Colleen CharkowskiThank you for sharing. I learned about this not to long ago. Almost unbelievable that man is so cruel.13 . Louise WoodardThis is what racism looked like years ago and It Is Still Here Today with the Republican Party!! It is so sad that in 2021 they still want the Jim Crow Law to continue because they don’t want to see people of color to have a life like them, so to them … See More49 . Cris TortolanoPresident Obama – It is ironic that you say never forget…I never knew about this and I am devouring everything I can find to learn more about it. It is unfathomable that this happened and unconscionable that it was covered up to the extent that generat… See More12  NFL Indianapolis Colts Team Ticket Runner Doormat

NFL Indianapolis Colts Team Ticket Runner Doormat

Happy memorial day Mr President. A day to remember all Americans who made sacrifices for the country they love. These men and women are indeed heroes. NFL Indianapolis Colts Team Ticket Runner Doormat Pause GIF. Many blessings to all those who served our nation and their families! You fought for our countries freedom. Ever grateful!. I wish America could find a way to solve issues without wars. The whole world look upto America. There is always a way to solve issues without violence. Violence only lead to more violence, to loss of lives, loss of loved ones, and loss of manpower. If the world can find long lasting solution towards dispute resolution, there lies the answer to the elusive Peace everyone talks about.. We must not let the idiocy of war be mankind’s most infamous legacy. Men start wars and only man can stop them. God help us to save us from ourselves, and God bless those of whom paid the ultimate sacrifice to that end

NFL Indianapolis Colts Team Ticket Runner Doormat


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