Danny DeVitoDanny DeVito I Just Want To Be Pure face mask I Just Want To Be Pure face mask


However, according to the Change review page, Danny Devito is the name that fans put on the list. Although before that the petition was made a few months ago, but it has heated up again recently. Currently, the number of signatures agreeing to nominate Danny Devito as Wolverine in the MCU has reached 50,000, with the next target will be 75,000. That memorable number is expected to be reached before the end of the year. But interestingly, Devito himself did not know about this.

Danny DeVito I Just Want To Be Pure face mask8
Danny DeVito I Just Want To Be Pure face mask8

The audience who loves cinema is probably no stranger to Devito anymore. When he has starred in works such as Get Shorty, Matilda and especially Twins alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger. As for the superhero movie line, the actor once played The Penguin in the movie Batman Return directed by Tim Burton. This year, he will be in the blockbuster Jumanji: The Next Level. Recently, Danny Devito also shared his feelings when his co-star in the movie Dumbo – Colin Farrell was cast in the role that he once took on for The Batman movie directed by Matt Reeves.

It is still quite early to know for sure which actors will be participating in the new version of the MCU. According to an article, Marvel studio president Kevin Feige will continue to reveal MCU projects at CCXP2019 next week. It seems that this petition will have an impact on who is cast for the role of Wolverine. Moreover, Devito will have to face a powerful candidate including Keanu Reeves, Tom Hardy – who contributed to the success of Sony’s Venom. With Danny Devito in the MCU, it is an interesting thought.

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