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Complex ranked the song number 14 on their list of the 50 best songs of 2013. They commented saying, “‘Rap God’ is another entry in the “Oh My God, This Guy Raps Better Than Anyone On The Planet” category. Eminem has been adding chapters in that book for over a decade now, so it’s easy to sit back with your arms crossed and look unimpressed.”Rap God Eminem poster Rolling Stone positioned the song at number 15 on their list of the 100 best songs of 2013. They elaborated saying, “Eminem rolls out a six-minute argument for his immortal hip-hop genius, and it’s pretty convincing.  For pure word-scrambling, syllable-stringing pyrotechnics, no one can touch him.” Complex also named Eminem’s third verse the third best rap verse of 2013. They said, “Within the seemingly never-ending verbal waterfall, Em touches on just about anything he could, should or would: his underground origins, the criticisms of his lyrics, the positive power his words have had for so many, and pop culture references. It’s all done with impeccable technical tact, including a brief section of triple time mayhem. In other words, this verse captures exactly why the man’s become a Rap God.”

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