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Stay out of politics. I don’t believe for one second you support that nit wit! I think you and all those Hollywood elites are a bunch of phonies who are more worried about being blacklisted than speaking the truth. And if you DO support him, you’re jus… See more. Love her, love her music and looking forward to celebrating the incoming of our next president. Only the best for such a big day. Keep doing you!! I’ll definitely be watching your performance & the Biden/Harris Inauguration!! So excited for the future of America! We must start to mend the divide!. Our children and grandchildren are watching and listening to all our negative, cruel remarks (Dems and Rep)violence on TV. I definitely worry for their future. Incredible sad day will be for America here on Jlo you Among others just welcome Soc/Comu. as well C…perhaps danger to America! Lord help us all thought you were Smarter then that. Well not ever support you.. Advice from a butterfly poster

Advice from a butterfly poster

Chaviano Yvette. Incredible video!! One of my faves xx. Watching “Moster in law” . Lovely video! Love you. Incredibly talented and phenomenally beautiful . Idaver Mustafoski. My One & Only Idol Advice from a butterfly poster Pause GIF. Always the best on everything ,, love all the movies and music . Love this song so much . Beautiful and nice lady Jennifer Lopez .. Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you .. I am Hussam from Jordan and I need financial support from you, beautiful lady .. I hope that I deserve your attention and respond to my words.. I love this song, you are amazing. Too much skin to sell perfume. Real Artists don’t have to appear naked in order to have fans and get money “artists” respect your selves. I’m a bit surprised she keeps spending money on that song as it’s not working. Such a video for a song that’s not selling at all… Strange. Where does she get the budget?

Advice from a butterfly poster

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