Black Queen – Makes You Happy Everyday Poster


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MaiI love you so much. You’ve been such a huge inspiration to me. 1 . Claudia Perales-Hughesjlo being super proud of all she’s conquered in her life ; ) 2 . Vcent JoeJlo I love all those songs since I’m small and I enjoy them well in the club I know you still strong you can do more.2 . Top fanBlanca GuzmanCongratulations keep on singing love your music  . Williams KandyCONGRATS,you surly surpassed everything you ever wanted in life and then some!!!!! Congratulations!!! Wish you many more happy years!!! . Emile DimitrovaJennifer Lopez- such an inspiration and unique, lots of love from Bulgaria2 . Bonnie Caldaraleworst actor in hollyweird. she was an insult to the real SELENA in the movie. 1 . Ivonne JimenezJennifer you are such an inspiration. You are amazing!! Thank you for sharing this documentary for us. love you!! 2 . Martin MarinShe’s worked a lot, lot,lot,lot, well deserved her triumphs, very talented,beautiful and humble woman, LOVE YOU JLO,and I don’t want to die without knowing you in person, you’re such an amazing actress,singer,performer etc God bless you   Black Queen – Makes You Happy Everyday Poster

Black Queen – Makes You Happy Everyday Poster

Top fanK Dwight HudsonAhhhhh clips from her Puerto Rico concert!5 . Norma LunaYou are not only an incredible singer, but a great actress as well. You supersede all your goals and dreams with with such great dedication. Applauding you.. 2 . Abby MarinoYeppers! Fly girl on ” In Living Color, all your phenomenal talents 20+ years..! 10 . Elizabeth Toosweet DuranI’ve had the dvd of all her videos for years, until I gifted it to my sister she’s an even bigger fan than I but I learned all her moves from the videos it was a great work out for me I love her so much, que viva PR, we are both Leo born on the mont… See more2 . Ellen RiceAwesome !! Truly amazing actress and a musical artist!!! Thank you for being you!!4 . Joaquim Emmanuelthis was the time hit number in movie and album at the same week, everybody loves her..time of latin american artist..5  Black Queen – Makes You Happy Everyday Poster

Black Queen – Makes You Happy Everyday Poster

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