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As they approached, she could see an entire village had grown up around the lower walls of the Abbey and it was thick and crowded and teeming with chimney smoke and people. There were darker blotches showing some small parks or woods, but the majority of the face was built up and defended. The Abbey was taller than a castle, more grand than any structure she had ever beheld. How had something so large and beautiful been crafted by men?

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Elephant Nice butt Poster
Elephant Nice butt Poster

His words summoned a memory. Long ago, she and Colvin had followed Maderos up the Tor which overlooked Muirwood far below. The climb had been strenuous, though the older man had hardly struggled for breath. She remembered him telling her, quite cryptically, that there would be other mountains she would climb. To find Tintern Abbey, she and Colvin had climbed a mountain in Pry-Ree. To reach Colvin, she would climb another one. A wave of emotions smothered her suddenly and she choked a moment.

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