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Absolutely true, one of my favorite true hard working Forward who led a team to glory through hard work and never left them!! True Blue . And Zambians thought Patson would just arrive and take his place . One of the best pure strikers I’ve seen over the years…. Only Goal Of The Season Remains . Probably THE greatest looking at those stats. Not 1 of the greats the very greatest!!. Greatest foxes . Football? Completed it mate.. Best player we’ve ever had. Best player in Leicester City history. If loyalty have a face . The best player Sheffield Wednesday could have kept!. Leicester win manchester. An extraordinary player.. Fatima Patel. Kasper and Vardy are great players who’re underated.. Jamie Vardy,. Some may say the greatest!. He has more trophies and awards than Man United in the last 5yrs Beer Friday weekend hoodie congrats. This guy made me love football more and more every single time I watched him. People in future make memories of the great players they have seen play Live and make dream teams.

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Premier league goal of the season against Liverpool. HUGE RESPECT FROM THE EMIRATES. Fox In The Box…. Vardy. Vardy what a player . He deserves ballon dor.. For sure, Jamie is one of the greats. . Personally him and Kasper are our greatest 2 players ever won and done all this at the club and both have done something which doesn’t happen much in today’s football and have stayed loyal to the club. from a gunners fan…u just got to take ur Beer Friday weekend hoodie off for what he done and achieve in his football career . Should have had goal Of the season too. We all know which one!. One of Futbol’s greatest stories, Leicester=Vardy. It’s Elevennn it’s heavennn for Jamie Vardyyy Eden Hazard has won it for Leicester City. The greatest in my opinion he has the same Calibre, work ethic and mentality of players such as Henry, shearer, McCoist and larsson. Greatest player ever to put on a Leicester shirt frankly

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