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Beware Of Your Cat Bleached T-shirt


Deepen GandhiWhat happens when we have an actual President!1.1K . Ryan HoffmannAmazing coordination and leadership, Mr. President. Thank you for taking this seriously! 514 . Joan Bosworth90/90/90….the last 90 being the Biden/Harris approval rating! Thanks for your leadership and caring kindness.795 . Deborah Wall McGrawThe relief is growing as we all get vaccinated. Action is what counts, not promises. Thank you President Biden.880 . Cindy HokeWhat a difference a president makes. I got my second dose last Thursday and I’m counting the days to freedom. Thank you, President Biden.1.6K . Brad BuzzLet’s stop lying to the American people, Biden isn’t making any decisions. It’s all his liberal cronies in the basement pulling the strings.408 . Kristen MarieThankfully the adults are in charge now! Yay! 108 . Ryan-Jennie Guisinger SchroederLet’s ramp up getting Hunter’s laptop contents exposed. 287 . Pike LanctotJoe Biden and the Democratic party are ruining this country.346 . Paul EvansThe fake president is not ramping up anything, wait he is, illegals crossing the border, COVID carrying illegals that do not have to get the deadly vaccinations.283  Beware Of Your Cat Bleached T-shirt

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Beware Of Your Cat Bleached T-shirt

Jo Ann ZimmermanYour plan to “Build Back Better” by investing in our long-neglected infrastructure such as public transit will not only help those who depend on it, it will create good union jobs, as well. It’s about time we made these crucial investments and most Ame… See more352 . Ashley GriffinHow is public transportation a national issue? This admin won’t accomplish anything other than tanking this nation116 . Rachel AbernathyCan you please just stop?! Let’s invest in OUR future by removing all you godless commies from these God Blessed United States. China would be a much more fitting place for your radical, godless communism.Pause GIFTenor41 . Chris WollandIf you “fix” infrastructure the same way you “fixed” the crisis at the border we are doomed.79 . Dean GodseyDay 70 of the Biden Border crisis.73 . Jared AustinOpen up the country. Stop the tyranny. Do not hike our taxes which will only send more jobs overseas. Stop printing money and handing it out. Force people to get jobs and pay their own way and provide their own transportation. It’s a win win all the wa… See more56  Beware Of Your Cat Bleached T-shirt

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Beware Of Your Cat Bleached T-shirt

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