Black queen today is a good day poster


Manzy KamkangadzaLove you too Marcus and a merry Christmas to you and your family. Continue reaching out to the vulnerable and less privileged.27 . Val ParkerMerry Christmas to you, This year must be your most successful yet, to have made such a great difference to so many people, You and your family must be so proud of this achievement. God bless you all, and love and gratitude to your mum for bringing up … See more30 . Ben PapkaThanks for making to change the world with football, Merry Christmas and a happy prosperous new year in advance. Best wishes for the remaining matches. We are the reds!74 . Adele FletcherSo proud of you. Thank you for making our so called leaders do the right thing on feeding our Children.8 . Kwabena Kay BensonYou are a great inspiration to many and may God continue to bless you and always stay a true Red.26 . Emma Louise JohnI think that Marcus has enabled so many families to have a Christmas Dinner this year thanks to the school meal vouchers. He is a true miracle worker and has used his own success to help others have a better life .The mans an angel.95  Black queen today is a good day poster

Black queen today is a good day poster

Black queen today is a good day poster - Picture 1

Victoria ThomasLove to you and yours, you beautiful soul. Thank you for everything you have done this year. You are making the world a better place x 20 . Susan ManzanaresI am so, so proud of what you have achieved this year Marcus. Good for you and long may your influence and determination continue.3 . Karen SmithYou are a wonderful young man Marcus – a credit to your mum and generation. I am not a Man U fan but think what you have achieved is amazing. Well done. Happy New Year and thank you for being the voice of vulnerable children & families. 78 . Michelle KanuThanks for your wonderful efforts Marcus but try before next Christmas to mingle. We want to see yr son or daughter like others footballers do11 . Steve StephensYou have really done a lot for unfortunate children n our society, you have all reasons to be celebrated during ths Christmas Marcus Rashford .May the good lord honour you with long life according to psalms 91 vas 16. Have a prosperous 2021.14  Black queen today is a good day poster

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