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Cat And Pumpkin Bleached T-shirt


Amy RomeroI really do feel sorry for those associated with this administration. 98 . Judy O’LearyGreat idea. What a difference in this room.42 . Donna BlufordResurrection day Thank you Jesus. Our sins were forgiven by your sacrifice. Fought with blood and washed in water.17 . Julie CarterIt is obvious you are deleting the majority of comments…Joe…Get to the border and address the real stuff!! Wow !!! This is ridiculous…and a complete embarrassment to our country. Wake up all you woke and stuff sheep.37 . Robert TurnerThe kids were absolutely freighted of clowns and the Easter Bunny. The mask just added to all that. Way to go, Joe. 65 . Pamela JeffersNot amused. Some level of professionalism would be nice, but as we all know this administration is nothing but a clown show95 . Chelsea StuartGood to see how much time you have to play in between executive orders, mumbling, and ignoring kids being thrown over walls…. Let’s see, how we can distract people from what’s really going on this time??? Oh…. Let’s put Hunter in a bunny suit after… See more109  Cat And Pumpkin Bleached T-shirt

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Cat And Pumpkin Bleached T-shirt

Jen LambertPlease stop with the masked bunny. Wow. No wonder kids are becoming desocialized.52 . Julie JewelsRidiculous No wander the world is laughing at this admin from dollar tree hearts to this. What a shame…66 . Cheryl BellSo Jill got gussied up for Easter. Not quite as elegant as our most recent First Lady 50 . Nick DestfinoDoes the bunny freebase parmesan cheese?22 . Davie Yeske IIKamala Harris in disguise bringing poison cookies to the Biden family.30 . Kent MeierIs joe smoking parmisian cheese?34 . Frank BernardoNice mask, still trying to scare the kiddos huh? 22 . Tracy InmanThat was..disturbing. They did talk a lot about the Easter bunny, eggs, cookies, and oh ya the never ending constant hammering on about the Covid shot. But umm..when did they ever mention Jesus or the resurrection? Huh, not one time I don’t think.54 . Mike PogerThe country is falling apart and you have a bunny come over and interrupt a press briefing. 73  Cat And Pumpkin Bleached T-shirt

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Cat And Pumpkin Bleached T-shirt

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