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Cat On The Broom Bleached T-shirt


Cat On The Broom Bleached T-shirt · 18:00 Thank you Jen for clear & concise answers to these important questions. It’s so nice to have intelligence and truth back in the WH..   · 13:28 Thank you Jen Psaki for speaking in truth, integrity and without calling names or demeaning the reporters. I missed a Press Secretary doing their job right..   · 0:00 Integrity Laura … I’m going to vomit in my mouth.   · 8:58 You’re doing a great job keeping us informed! Thank you Jen. ( corrected for those of you who did recognize a typo.).   · 0:00 Your a joke , just like Jenn.   · 36:04 I have to remember to watch more of these They put me in such a good mood! Competent, intelligent, cogent leadership is back! What a massive relief to see. .   · 36:20 Wow are you blind!.   · 9:56 Everyone who voted for Biden bc of his “loving” immigration views must be so upset now to see how awful the conditions are at the border.

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Cat On The Broom Bleached T-shirt

Michael MayOnly thing Biden administration cut in half is America’s faith in justice and a secure boarder.98 . Philip HowardThere are people out there who still haven’t gotten their stimulus checks. And poor people don’t know how to use a tax credit because they don’t pay any taxes because they don’t make enough money to pay taxes. Who exactly is gonna be rescued with this … See more92 . Denise Cardenas SelhornSo, where is the money for seniors, Vets, RR retirees? trump’s SSA appointee screwed up, now IRS is behind!16 . Morgan AustrengAnother dinosaur enriching herself on behalf of tax payers36 . Helen JohnsonI don’t know how the AMERICAN RESCUE PLAN helps Child Poverty when parents who make $150,000 per year are not POOR. The Poor don’t pay any income taxes so how does the child tax credit help them. Maybe some of the poor could use other means of help an… See more29  Cat On The Broom Bleached T-shirt

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Cat On The Broom Bleached T-shirt

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