Fishing God says you are canvas



Ngonidzashe Chiwara JnrMax is going to be champion this year and then next year Lewis will get his 8th… . Jim RaynorReflect on what exactly? Not being able to see into the future. When them clairvoyancy skills arent quite what they should be  . Sechaba Gatsby MaphatheMr track limits, DRS zones & Pirelli. Guess next his gonna blame Honda for the engine17 . Top FanBrian ChiaHe drove a great race, definitely not his fault.6 . Top FanJay ShankarReally surprised that the sensors didnt pick up any kind of failure risk. Two different cars having tyre failures & that too same left rear. Cant be anything but a tyre issue.3 . Nadirah AtiqahHappier that Hamilton scored 0 too!!! Hehe . Josmar CiliaThey should tell.. listen max laps on this compound is 30 laps… Then the team decides…. But they stretched too much2 . Stainless LCwhere is Ferrari’s  . Bari Barry BWhat went wrong? . Shamir Tira ZaraChill max, be strong focus on next race..kun faya kun  Fishing God says you are canvas

Fishing God says you are canvas

Fishing God says you are canvas - Picture 1

Daniel McSwiggenDrop Pirelli, trash tires . Stephane PeronHe forget to thank Pirelli for his job…1 . Rob ParisAparantly Hamilton had a tyre with a split in it so prob debris1 . Pràbú ÑaràinaDeeii.ammele vokke!!!.dont do drammmaa da race kkkuthiiie.kilidaaa..pundrre maxx.kammunatthhu.. . Ruben EscobarBro cheer up men take LS TOO SERIOUSLY . John MichaelsPirelli should be responsible for his loss. Stroll was the first victim.6 . Paul BoltonLast leg of my multi you clown . Top FanMatt PalmerI didn’t realise that there was so many race engineers just laying dormant waiting to give their advice on Facebook. Before you all jump on me, I’m no fan of Max, I’m just here to tell you that the majority of you clowns no Jack about racing.  . Rutger SlmnsNormal reaction. Very mature to congratulate Checo. Must have been a weird sensation, a sudden tire explosion.  . Randall PlaatjiesNo time for Pirrelli to reflect Max did absolutely nothing wrong  Fishing God says you are canvas

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