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So how is your investigation going on the massive voter fraud?. Need to look into these voter fraud claims first… Sure. From the Russia hoax to the withholding and downplay of hunter biden dealings, Americans have ZERO faith in your professionalism and integrity.. whoever did it is odd in their ways, they let people know that they were doing it… it all feels off. All these political comments on here. I want both sides to know our government and politicians dgaf about any of y’all.. Let’s just stop with the b.s and cut to the point .let’s pray they are able to locate who was behind this horrible act. There is alot going around recently. First off..this van was parked in front of this AT&T information data building for a reason. Instead of trying to investigate the owner of the van and make it look like a suicide to distract the american people, Loo… See more Friends face mask

Friends face mask

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David A. RogersHand Salute! Thank you for your sacrificial service.2 . Reynaldo Lopez Jr.BE STRONG !!!!!!! WE MUST CONTINUE ON OUR HOURNEY TO BE ABLE TO DEFEND THE PHYSICAL PSYCHOLOGICAL AND SPIRITUAL WELL BEING OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE  . Tupaca ShakurThese people have defrauded us and taken our hard earned money posing like they are sb grants . Stephanie HarrisonKevin pope retards woman’s heads and the damage can’t ever ereally be repaired . Reynaldo Lopez Jr.TO THE AMERICAN FIELD OFFICERS OF THE AMERICAN FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION OF THE AMERICAN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IF AND WHEN SOME OF THE AMERICAN MALE AND FEMALE FIELD OFFICERS OF THE AMERICAN FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVEESTIGATION IS INCLINED TO BE SUBJEC… See more . Brian BakerWas she a political hack like the rest of the fbi? . Rosemary WhiteleyThe fbi disgusts me. Everytime I hear something of your corruption, I’m disgusted all over again, even when it’s old news. Thank God our eyes have been opened. I hope you go under with your cohorts cnn. Smh I hope you know there are at least 74.9 mill… See more  Friends face mask

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