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It’s OK, Lewis. You took one for the team at the direction of F1 and made the series more “interesting”. The announcers on Sky couldn’t have foreshadowed the outcome better.. David MacKinnon I’m not sure thats how it works. David MacKinnon are you high?. cant race under pressure, thats what we been saying for years. no 1.5 seconds advantage now. Great to see an unexpected poduim.Completely understood why Max kicked the tyre.Drove a faultless race for that to happen,emotions running high.Lets face it bet we have all lost our cool at a moment in our life.Both drivers will come back fighting next race which is great for f1.. Great race today and although I feel sorry for Max and Lewis, it was fantastic to see different drivers on the podium. Lewis Will be back stronger, just a bad day, a little error, nothing happen, congrats. Valeria De Giorgi. He will bounce back. Champions do I’m a Trump girl get over it . It was a great race. Good thing to see a totally different set of results for most drivers and teams. Adding more excitement and intrigue to what is a most entertaining season, in recent memory. No 8

I’m a Trump girl get over it shirt, hoodie and long sleeve tee

I'm a Trump girl get over it hoodie

Mark Newell I’m a Trump girl get over it I was wondering how he was going to blame the team. I thought he went in to turn 1 too hot, tried to make a late switch to the outside racing line and caused the inside front to lock up because of the balance shift. A hot headed error. Apparently his b… See More. They lose together when its hamiltons mistake. But it’s the teams fault when they make the mistake. Totos reaction to it was priceless . Come back stronger you said that last race . Dinner is served for haters, he will surely come bk stronger!. Janos Weisz The team was pushing the break pedals or that was you alone Lewis?Asking for a friend.. Why is there so much hate for Hamilton? Is it possible it’s his colour of skin or the fact that he’s the best driver in f1 history? It’s only a sport and there should not be so much hate for the guy doing what he loves.

Hot Design I’m a Trump girl get over it shirt, hoodie and long sleeve tee

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