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Purple Cat And Skull Bleached T-shirt


Annie TarpleyHow about helping social security poor who have been left out of the Biden “plan” for a stimulus payment85 . Virginia Agosti Hager-SaundersFor children to get out of poverty their parents need jobs, throwing a few dollars here and there don’t get children out of poverty their parents being able to work does so to me the people at the White House need to get real and quit thinking they are… See more157 . Kelly E. DavisWe might as well try it, because Republicans keep thinking that TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS work, which it doesn’t and NEVER has, and most of these people complaining about helping the poor don’t mind CORPORATE WELFARE, which is a drop in the bucket to the … See more162 . Sabine ShurterSecretary Yellen has way more credentials and experience in economic matters than any of these self-appointed experts on social media. 55 . Jo Ann ZimmermanThank you, President Biden. A great country such as ours should never allow children to go hungry.47  Purple Cat And Skull Bleached T-shirt

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Purple Cat And Skull Bleached T-shirt

Stacy MalloryThis is not a federal government problem. This is a city, county, state problem. If it is not a problem for those communities then its not my problem. 30 . Jeff PerronHa, you’re tag line is a joke and a lie, “It’s time to invest in our country again”. What percent of all this ridiculous spending has gone outside the country or laundered back into the pockets of your donors? 38 . Jonathan ChambleeOh look, another gloomy crisis for St. Sniffy to rescue us from. This is so tiresome. 60 . Lynn WhiteWhy are the bases being opened for illegals, but were never offered to our homeless veterans?76 . Kelly WarringtonDemocrat mayors have had many years to right this wrong. Millionaire mayors40 . Frank P. CandellaThe question is: Why should taxpayers pay for the replacement?30 . Carson PriceDoes this fall under infrastructure? Makes sense why the one appointed to infrastructure hasn’t any experience. Now throw our money at it and watch it disappear.41  Purple Cat And Skull Bleached T-shirt

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Purple Cat And Skull Bleached T-shirt

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