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Witch Cat Bleached T-shirt


Alan Jenkins Jr.Don’t you think the Crisis at the Border is more important Obama or sorry I mean Biden!! This administration is a joke!!16 . David BlantonMore government control, regulations and ownership?11 . Ernie SavinskyBring down gas prices to pre-election level, whole check spent on increase price caused by your action ‘s & Green new deal bs.Use FEMA trailers for Mexicans , not motels.… See more15 . Ken BinnigThe electrical grid is NOT owned by, nor is serviced by the Federal Government. This is false advertising. … See more9 . Alan KerrAll the money you sent overseas would of been great to upgrade America’s power grid!!!!!!!’29 . Joy Gordon MattinglyHow about close the border and open the pipelines?12 . Michael MullahyHow much did riots cost American communities ? 18 . Pete LechWhat about opening tge states up!!!!!8 . Donna Godshall HaydenAnother 3 trillion added to the national debt.11 . Corrine AarestadThis is ridiculous and not even an issue. Stop making small problems into huge political slogans!4  Witch Cat Bleached T-shirt

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Witch Cat Bleached T-shirt

C.A. ReckerThis admin is nothing but communism 37 . Dave ParsonsSure… because the trillions spent on eliminating poverty over the last 50 years have been SO effective. Fucking clowns. 25 . Iamso OveritShes nothing but an old out of gas prepared speech reader, like Joe15 . Duane FreemanA administration thats considers charging per mile gas tax dont give a s**t about poverty! Get out of here and shut up!34 . Brian HerringLady, You’re a nut job!!!!Only 9% of this has anything to do with Covid..Its mostly a Democratic ballot for failed Liberal States. And the rest is pet project money… Sad!!!32 . Holly Wallrapp Stanleyand no one wants to work because they are making more on unemployment 18 . Ryan HoffmannIt’s nice to finally have relief for middle-class, working families and not bailouts and sweet deals for the country club crowd. Investing in American families! P.S. I know cult45 will descend rapidly, spew hate and post derogatory comments. Proceed … See more51  Witch Cat Bleached T-shirt

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Witch Cat Bleached T-shirt

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