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Witch Don’t Kill My Vibe Bleached T-shirt


Phyllis GrassoDOC HOLLYWOOD enjoys being in front of the cameras way too much !!130 . Hanna GlassmanPeople should do what they choose to do, not what somebody says they should, personally, I will never get the vaccine!!!170 . Gaylyn McCuskerHow about listing the ingredients and side effects of the vaccine? Also, let us all know that the vaccine makers aren’t liable for damages.184 . Cindy Murnahan Steeleblah blah blah……someone likes to hear his own voice!!!!36 . Mike Donovan LacyRemember when he said “in the history of respiratory illnesses, asymptomatic spread has NEVER been the driver of an epidemic”, or how about when he said “you don’t need to wear a mask”… good grief stop listening to this guy – it’s filling his pockets… See more111 . Bill StoutAnd then he wants people to keep wearing masks so he can still be in the limelight. So sick of Democrats and their love of government over liberty 140  Witch Don’t Kill My Vibe Bleached T-shirt

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Witch Don't Kill My Vibe Bleached T-shirt

Colley WebbNothing but a boondoggle by an illegitimate administration.228 . Mark KoenigThis is only to make you a slave of the government, they really don’t care about you. The money isn’t coming out of their pockets.85 . Patrick ElsterAll the kids who failed Econ-101 are now in charge.43 . Joe FarranPoverty is a state of mind. It cannot be rectified with a tax credit. Being broke is not the same- it’s temporary because someone has the means ( knowledge, work ethic, etc) to pull themselves out of being broke. People got their stimulus money and n… See more58 . Paula DrewyerThank you for wanting to do the Christian thing of taking care of children that are in need. The tRumplicans are showing their true colors, certainly not Christian. 50 . Allen DeyoeYet the other serious prediction; is the Democrats will run the economy in the ditch96 . Holly OwensToo bad Janet Yellen is a sell out. She used to have great ideas.27  Witch Don’t Kill My Vibe Bleached T-shirt

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Witch Don't Kill My Vibe Bleached T-shirt

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