Premium i’m on team Jesus i’m not religious all over printed window curtains


Premium i’m on team Jesus i’m not religious all over printed window curtains

rights defenders that took place in Lima Peru. Following a months marked by large mobilisation on the local weather emergency CIVICUS is interviewing civil society activists leaders and consultants about the main environmental challenges they face of their contexts and the actions they are taking. CIVICUS speaks with Rodrigo Mundaca Agronomist and National Spokesperson of the Defence Movement for Access to Water Land and Environmental Protection an organisation established in within the Chilean province of Petorca within the Valparaíso region to defend the rights of farmers staff and native people. Since the Nineteen Nineties the region has been affected by the large appropriation of water by agribusiness in collusion with the political establishment. While we must of course celebrate the successes of the UN this yr on its seventy fifth anniversary as civil society we’re most focused on working to each advance a rights agenda as well as defend against the attacks on this work that we more and more see at the UN headquarters stage and globally. Working together in alliance has been one of the effective ways to do this. One essential instance of this coalition work is the international non-governmental organisations which have been working collectively in New York as the NGO Working Group on WPS to advocate collectively for higher implementation of the WPS agenda. As civic area is shrinking around the globe additionally it is being challenged at the UN – indeed even the importance of multilateralism is being challenged – with key human rights mechanisms being defunded civil society access to the UN being blocked by way of visa denials and the folks affected by conflict not being constantly included within the processes that impression them. First globally we are seeing a terrifying rollback of girls’s rights attacks on ladies human rights defenders and a shrinking of civic house. This is going on at a nationwide level – where we see lowering compliance with international human rights regulation – as well as at a worldwide UN degree. Member states with regressive agendas are utilizing any alternative they’ll find to chip away at long-established norms concerning rights. An example of this was at the negotiations in April around UNSC Resolution 467 on battle-related sexual violence when the Council stripped all language on sexual and reproductive health rights from the ultimate text together with beforehand agreed

i’m on team Jesus i’m not religious all over printed window curtains 3(1)

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