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Cabin in the wood sweden mug


Aisha SaidYour past will only control you if you allow it to.2 . Si DenbighAisha Said take two bottles into the shower? . Eddie RollinsonAisha Said I’ve got piles. . Nathan WroeAisha Said poo only smells if you smell it1 . Scott BurrowsMilk is juice…. from a cow . King SimpeniTrue . Hamilton Kordei KEReally? . Top FanAlan GrayGod what a bunch of doom and gloom merchants. Already selling our better players. Give them the due’s they deserve, who says they wanna go elsewhere. 1 . Top FanSteve HodgsonInteresting that the Brazilian manager told him to do what he does at Leeds. He wasn’t even under consideration for Brazil until Bielsa got hold of him and I’m sure the lad will know that. 4 . John Sefton ClagueAgreed. Particularly as Bielsa will probably go. You could tell he was special from his first kick. I think we should just en joy him 2 . Paul NottinghamIt’s was always going to be a matter of time before Raphinha would move on. It’s the world of football. Big guns want the best players, players want the best stage (and salary). I just hope that we have clauses in contracts that doesn’t allow him or Philips leaving for Scumchester United. I don’t think any Leeds fan could stomach them going there.14  Cabin in the wood sweden mug

About product: Cabin in the wood sweden mug

Cabin in the wood sweden mug

Khademul Basar RubelRaphinha , really great asset for Brazil.Very energetic and impressive player. Love from Bangladesh 14 . Idelber Avelar   · FollowRaphinha is not “one of the best wingers in the Premier League.” Raphinha is one of the best players in the world today. I can’t think of many forwards who can create the way he does: by himself, out of the blue, on sheer talent. I’m so proud to be a… See More262 . Pamela Thurmond DoupeJust stop with the doom and gloom!! So many people already have Phillips out the door now Rapha? Come on!! Lets show them all the love they deserve whilst we have these amazing guys! MOT ALAW8 . Phil HardakerIt’s been nice while it lasted. Good luck to him in champs league next season with whichever top of the tree club he picks from all those who will want him!8 . Simon CollinsThat’s another 10 million added to his valuation. Probably worth 90 million at least in todays market.4  Cabin in the wood sweden mug

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