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Friends The routine mug


Dave Hedin”Resident-in-chief Biden gets out of the basement again, just long enough to keep HIS America Last mission going! The WORLD is laughing at us!278 . Louise Cosentino-NollHow about some support for the men and women of the border patrol?? Oh that’s right your motto is America last. You puppet. Go to a nursing home where you belong. 301 . Robert PooleThe world laughs at this clown we have for a President! What a joke!286 . Sarah AnneI just can’t even with y’all. There’s something about these posts that are wildly generic.35 . Yemoh MichaelIncompetent Joe BidenIncompetent administrationIncompetent leadership… See more241 . Betty Prins97 . Eva ReinhardtJordan’s King did everything not to laugh in his face. 167 . Greg-Tracy ThorntonIf Biden is so damn concerned about the Middle East, he should be drawing a line in the sand with Iran! 59 . Teresa Henderson JoyIs he kidding? He and his fraudulent administration can’t accomplish anything but debt and spending. 63  Friends The routine mug

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Friends The routine mug

Brian MorrowThis is what a real president looks like. 608 . Dave GrantierI Love having a grown up in the Oval Office again.342 . Alicia DennisSpeak? Or did he mumble and drift off?????57 . Sue McKennaDoes he even know who he is talking to? 39 . James West Sr.10 bucks says he got confused and asked about the king having a brother named Scar65 . Karla Cruzhow about you go meet all the kids you have brought to the border? What are you doing dementia Joe?39 . Sandra Evans Linkowski41 . Jo Ann ZimmermanThank you for restoring respect for democracy at home and around the globe. For the last four years, the rest of the world was openly laughing at the Orange Buffoon trying to play grown up.212 . Linda Lewis KurigerThank you Mr. President for caring about all Americans. Ignore the losers they left their souls in the rabbit hole.161 . Mauricio BoniflazioWhere is his support for his own country?!!!! 36  Friends The routine mug

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