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Fuck this I’m moving to stars hollow mug


Karl Manning I live in Savannah….I was listening on the radio in my car while driving to work (I work night shift). When Freddie caught the last play, I started fist pumping with excitement. As I pulled up to a red light, I started clapping and cheering. The driv… See more12 . Karen BarlowJust talked to my 90 yr old mom to tell her the Braves won. She and my dad were avid Braves fans… Daddy was the one who pushed us to love sports (playing ourselves, and UGABraves) and I know his spirit is tickled to pieces. He loved that his namesak… See more1 . Jamie Cox… guy on the far right, the one with the now-white hair, NEEDS to transition BACK TO the TV broadcast booth.‘… just my two cents’.9 . Lorenze TremontiI always admire the locals broadcasters focus and abilities to be able to sound excited and remain calm without moving. All so they can do their job and call the win so others to be excited.1  Fuck this I’m moving to stars hollow mug

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Fuck this I'm moving to stars hollow mug

Justin BarrasI miss Joe in the booth every game11 . Top FanHeather Irene MilesMy favorite radio voices!!!! I really wish they did the live broadcast for TV. 32 . Top FanSteven M. KronenbergWhat an amazing call. Ben Ingram’s ability to describe the game through radio is masterful. I always feel like he paints such a beautiful picture with his words. Go Braves!!!!4 . Wayne FriezeBest Radio Team in All of Sports!!Fact Checked by me4 . Top FanChelsea ClarkI love seeing Joe so happy. 1 . Neil Douglas NewmanJoe Simpson, so happy for you! Been watching and listening to you since the 90s. 20 . Craig Unk ZitzmannThis one was for skip, pete, don, hank and phil13 . Heather Kitchens RatliffI wish Skip Caray, Ernie Johnson, Pete Van Weiren, and Don Sutton were still alive to call this game. RIP 2 . Allen Jamal NixonAs a astros fan GG and good series congratulations on your 4th World Series win well deserved.34  Fuck this I’m moving to stars hollow mug

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