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Jesus take the wheel ornament


Alexander B. WardI listened to 4 of the games on the radio in the car during the playoffs and they always make me feel like I’m at the game.48 . Sarah RichJoe Simpson!! Love it. 32 . Susan BlanchardI miss Skip Carey! Braves win, Braves win, Braves win! I can still hear that’ 108 . Top FanTodd LamberthI was listening with you while working and driving down the interstate! I screamed and started pounding the steering wheel! So exciting!16 . Brian GriggsLove it!!! Go Braves!!! 6 . Beth ShawI love the radio version almost more than TV. The descriptions and emotions and just the background sound are everything!72 . Top FanMartin MoralesJesus, is Joe Simpson’s back ok?22 . Justin MajorsBring Joe back to TV30 . Top FanWill BeaverBraves radio announcers have been a big part of my life for thirty years. Love these guys33 . Justin NeurothBest radio voices ever!!! I hope Joe Buck takes notes. He needs some help from professionals 70  Jesus take the wheel ornament

About product: Jesus take the wheel ornament

Jesus take the wheel ornament

Top FanLeslie Baughman ClarkI listen to those guys all year long on a radio app. On my phone. I live in Gulfport, MS and I am working most of the time while the Braves are playing. I love listening to yall! Thank you so much for airing and commentating each game, or else I would… See more13 . Juan LinerVoices of Braves Country; Don Sutton would be elated knowing the team was so close to this moment.10 . Larry M Morgan JrThis is great. I wish Skip Carey was there to sag “Braves win”13 . Paul BoggsThat had to be one of the most improbable championship runs in sports history! The Atlanta Braves overcame hurdle after hurdle all season long to jell into one of the most solid and relentless teams in baseball history. They never gave up, never listen… See more14 . Laura Sweeney CevallosI was listening! I listened to them every game after the first game. I couldn’t take listening to Buck and Smoltz any more! I didn’t even care that the radio wasn’t synced up with the tv! I sure do miss Joe up in the tv booth!2  Jesus take the wheel ornament

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Jesus take the wheel ornament

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