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Library Cats bookshelf mug


This 13th inning is a fiasco …, that should be an ERROR on Renfroe, Diaz scores , KK on 3rd!. A lot of boomers here who haven’t heard of streaming and the internet apparently. Rays are gonna win!! . Rays got completely screwed. leave it to baseball to have rules that defy logic. Let’s do this red Sox. Mike Corneau. And the 12th!!!. Bostonnnnnnn winnnnnnnnsssss. Patricia DePover. Rays pitching has actually been holding it together since we tied. But come on guys let’s bring somebody home for crying out loud and end this!!! Let’s go Rays!!. Too bad the call for our run didn’t work. Ok, we will try again tomo. Play GIF. Doesn’t Boston Mass always gives the Country the best sports moments. Boston is the Cecil B DeMille of the sports world in America, we are always entertaining and never boring. randy should have gone to third for interference and margot was safe. but hey good calls! Library Cats bookshelf mug

About product: Library Cats bookshelf mug

Library Cats bookshelf mug

Lmao Red Sox fans acting all insecure because they won on a absolute jobbed play. Watch them get their jimmies rustled when it happens to them later down the line, karma always comes back.. So go ahead and give the Rays a run on that play – Red Sox scored 2 – THEY STILL WIN!!!!!. Just like the Cheatriots, all Boston area teams need help from the league to win. It’s absolutely amazing what steroids and cheating does for the playoffs and it’s just going to take a little longer for Tampa to eliminate them lets go rays. The umps made the correct call but it was against my team so they’re wrong!!! . That pitcher was paid. Easy pitch thrown for that hit …… To the people blaming the umps tell me you don’t know the rules without telling me you didn’t know the rules. Remember when no one gave the Red Sox a chance versus the Rays? Good times Library Cats bookshelf mug

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