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AnthonyandConnie BlackwellI can’t love this enough!!!!!!5 . Darrin FiggCan somebody tell me why Jim Powell called such a few number of games this year? He deserved to be in the booth, not Ben Ingram. 5 . Wally Dackerson80’s Snit gives 2 thumbs up! 6 . Samuel Ball IIThe guy jumping and not being able to yell is EVERYTHING10 . Top FanCatherine StoneLove to hear Joe Simpson… his enthusiasm is infectious…Love my BRAVES are the 2021 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS17 . Scott Anthony TarrerReally like listening to Joe and Ben call games. Had them synced with the tv so I wouldn’t have to listen to Joe Buck. Chip, Tom, and Jeff (though I thought he was pulling for the Dodgers) are good for Bali! . Michael D SkeltonI certainly wish I could have listened to the home town broadcast of the entire playoffs because the TBS guys were pitiful and Joe Buck has always been awful.10 . Letty ZaragozaYou did such awesome job in the booth, as always. After it sunk in that the Braves had won the World Series, I couldn’t help think of Skip, Pete, and Don!32  New Pilots Mug

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New Pilots Mug

Steven RogersMax Fried!!!! Great Job Pitching In The 2021 MLB World Series Championship!!!!!!!!!!!!23 . Karen NeeseGreat job pitching! Hope you ankle is okay and not too sore. Congratulations!7 . Nigel GouldingSo happy for Fried to end the year this way rather than his previous two outings. For this young pitcher to recover so well is a tribute to his mental strength. Let’s hope he stays in Atlanta17 . Lois CollinsSuch a great pitcher! Enjoyed the game.3 . June CruickshankYes he did. I knew they would win because he was in control and then the bats stepped up . Still always cautious until that final out which was pure magic. 10 . Top FanChris SteinbaughSuch a clutch redemption by Max. I don’t care what anyone says he’s our Ace and HAS been!29 . Barbara SkipperAnd with a pretty sore ankle too. Max is tough and he sure proved it last night. Hope he will be an Atlanta Brave for a long time. Great job last night Max.49  New Pilots Mug

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