Halloween boo dead pancreas society shirt


Just recently watched it, not at all what I thought it would be. Almost the same as the older versions, not to mention, did not like the cast at all.  I wish this version of Laurie’s theme was included on the soundtrack. Halloween boo dead pancreas society shirt

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Halloween boo dead pancreas society shirt

Terrible sequel to one of the best horror movies of all time, Michael is not the shape anymore, he’s not the Boogeyman anymore. He’s the star of the movie and you’ll never have to guess where he is at all. He doesn’t sneak up on anyone anymore he just walks right up to whoever, including cops. The silly idea of his doctor protecting him from harm. It’s a shame John Carpenter didn’t step in and make sure the fans got the real deal, well he did overlook the music and that was great but the story, the storytelling are the opposite of why the first was so perfect. The review on the back of the case stating it’s the best sequel of all the Halloweens is the biggest joke of all, that Katie Walsh has no business reviewing horror movies at all. She let her feminist side look past the reality of it being the opposite of what a Halloween movie really is – the Boogeyman!!!! Sadly this movie doesn’t have the shape or the Boogeyman in it! So those who liked it have to be visuals first, story second movie enthusiasts because this movie is crapping all over the franchise entirely. Don’t bother arguing because I won’t, my review is real and rock solid.

Halloween boo dead pancreas society sweatshirt
Halloween boo dead pancreas society sweatshirt
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