Halloween Friends Characters TV show shirt


they should have just let Chris hemsworth and Chris Evans have the full 2hr 40mins. Wait wait wait. How are we to know Drax didn’t have more time? He could have been standing very still. Gammora was a waste of 19.5 minutes. Halloween Friends Characters TV show shirt

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Halloween Friends Characters TV show shirt

Not sure, but I ignored around 90% of what came out about the movie before I went to see it and at the end I said that it was like it was Thanos’ movie more than anything. They also said that Thor and Thanos will have the most screen time and we can clearly see that it’s Thanos and Gamora, followed closely by Tony. Should have cut more time of vision and scarlet witch. They are so wack and boring. They suck. Cierra Essence I walked out to bathroom haha during that scene of them talking. Boring. Glad they are dead lol. At least they made the right call and kept snooze panther to the minimum an then axed him. Annnnd how many characters will STAY dead for the next Avengers movie? Uh that would be zero if Marvel movies are anything like Marvel comics. Death is one big, ridiculous, neon revolving door in that universe. To be fair, DC have pulled some pretty cheap stunts in their time too, but in the Marvel universe I grew up with, characters like Norman Osborne, Jean Grey and Gwen Stacy were dead. That meant something, it added depth and danger to every story. Now we have “Spider-Gwen” (palm slaps face).

Halloween Friends Characters TV show sweatshirt
Halloween Friends Characters TV show sweatshirt
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