My Eyes Friends The Scream Poster


This is literaly the one scene that makes no sense in Friends. Really, he can’t repeat a simple sentence, not even the name.  I am also little speak Portuguese. Little French .and douch never proper any one.   That was the best of episodes .Hahahaha,i love it.   My Eyes Friends The Scream Poster

My Eyes Friends The Scream Poster

I’m guessing Emma’s dad committed the murders because he found out Daisy slept with Brandon James and Brandon James was actually innocent.  I agree with you Tyler. I think Emma’s dad was one of the killers. I can’t believe they are changing the whole show it sucks we will never know.  I want to know who killed Kieran. No point dropping a storyline without ending it.  We may never know because of YOU! seriously? you guys kinda walked into this 1. Don’t get me wrong I’ll check out this new season, but how can you just drop the old stuff without ever revealing the killer? You better make it right for the fans and somehow connect the new with the old so we can know who the original killer was or season 3 is shaping up to be your last.  For those of you who want the story of the original characters of Scream continued, check out my fan fiction where I’m creating my own season three with the og characters.

My Eyes Friends The Scream Small Poster
My Eyes Friends The Scream Small Poster
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